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August 19, 2022

Rated: R

1 Hour 32 Minutes

Adventure, Sci-Fi



A father and his two teenage daughters find themselves hunted by a massive rogue lion intent on proving that the savannah has but one apex predator. Elba plays Dr. Nate Daniels, a recently widowed husband who returns to South Africa, where he first met his wife, on a long-planned trip with their daughters to a game reserve managed by Martin Battle a wildlife biologist. But what begins as a journey of healing jolts into a fearsome fight for survival when a lion, a survivor of blood-thirsty poachers who now sees all humans as the enemy, begins stalking them.


Idris Elba, Sharlto Copley, Leah Jeffries

Rating Reason

Rated R Bloody Images, Violent Content, Some Language

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